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We Work for peace and prosper to all those who is in need and struggling for basic amenities, rights .......

0ver all Rural Developing in Education Economic and Social  
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       Famous word of Mother Teresa’s appeal "the hungry, the naked, the homeless the crippled, the blind, the lepers all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone, who will take care of them? From birth to death, these individuals face more tragedy in their lives,   ranging from human rights violence, hunger, health problems, illiteracy, gender and child abuse, superstitions and cultural backwardness. These individuals (tribe, dalits,  widows, street beggars, disabled, destitute aged, orphans, child   labors and other abandoned) are beyond the bottom level of society, suffering from issues such as suppression, exploitation and deprivation. Their places of living and working are in rural and remote areas without the basic amenities, many of which are untouchable and unreachable. The differences seen between these people and others in society should be reduced and even be completely removed. These people should be protected and assisted in making the appropriate life and development changes to improve their lives.

LJT Foundation devotes their time in developing these people. The organization’s legal registration
was with competent authority in 1999 under the Indian Trust Act after its establishment by a group of
social minded, well-experienced individuals with resources and dedicated social services to the most
vulnerable groups toward multiple values of community and sustainability. The organization was then
registered under FCRA in the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. Tax exceptional status of
80G,12AA have been sanctioned by Government of INDIA .Then it was recognized by the
Government, NGOs. funding agencies and foreign organizations. The organization has strong
partnerships with local and international organizations, individuals and others. Our volunteers and
staff members are dedicating and hardworking. Our team consists of individuals following into four
main components of the organization: educational, legal, technical and environmental.

LJT Foundation making empowerment programs towards social, economical ,educational
development of deprived people in India ,it raises voice for these voiceless people ,We aim to create
environment for holistic approach to welfare by re-energizing the potential workforce for enhancing
skills, higher productivity and providing gainful employment to rural men and women . In a liberalized
and globalize environment, India needs to strengthen democratic policy by increasing participation of
voluntary sectors about democratic governance, quality corporate governance, cultural exchanges
and co-operation for realization of optimum utilization of intellectual, physical and human resources
development. Transform India in sustainable growth of empowering rural women,
implementing creative ideas in economical social development, biodiversity, human rights
issues, stop child labor, give opportunity  to rural poor  in health, sanitation, water,
education, employment
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